What is Virtual Private Cloud (VPS)?

A Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is a private oud within a public cloud and allows you to enjoy the advantages of a virtualized network while also using public cloud services.

Hosted virtualization helps build a more stable environment by isolating the data from other organizations in transit and on the cloud provider’s network. A virtual private network (VPN) connection links a VPC to remote networks. A VPC is suitable for businesses that need high security, privacy, and control, such as healthcare and financial institutions that must comply with the rules. VPC is also ideal for running mission-critical applications in businesses.

Why use Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)?

  • Enhanced Security: Your virtual networking environment, including IP addresses, subnets, and network gateways, can be secured with a VPC. For example, a database can be securely isolated in a private-facing subnet linked to the internet. 
  • Data Control: Since your VPC is a network-layer isolated from other clouds, you have complete control over your data and can avoid it mixing with the data of other organizations, which is a possible risk of public clouds.
  • Improved Performance: Select application’s network traffic can be prioritized to improve their efficiency, reducing congestion and possible bottlenecks. 
  • On-Demand flexibility: You can build a cloud architecture tailored to your company’s requirements. For example, you can configure your VPC to allow contractors to connect directly to your network without going through your internal network.

How can United Private Cloud help?

United Private Cloud Powered by VMware: Our VMware Private Cloud gives you a dedicated, single-tenant environment that’s specifically designed to boost the efficiency of your workloads.

United Private Cloud Powered by Microsoft Cloud Platform: Our Microsoft Cloud Platform options combine Microsoft’s Hyper-V and Systems Center technologies with the cloud expertise of our Microsoft-certified architects and engineers.

Around-the-Clock Support: Our support experts will proactively monitor your VPC, helping to ensure reliable performance. You can contact United Private Cloud Support 24x7x365.