What is Software Defined G3 IaaS For Oracle ?

To reinvent your enterprise, make it agile and connected to prevail in the digital economy, we offer a comprehensive set of integrated, subscription-based compute, storage, and networking services that enable businesses to run their Oracle enterprise workloads in a highly secure and resilient private cloud environment that comes with a 99.999% uptime SLA.

G3 IaaS for Oracle Benefits:

A Flexible Secure On-Demand IaaS For Your Oracle Workloads Which Provides Guaranteed Resource Availability And Cost Savings.


  • Performance compute (VMware DRS)
  • All-flash storage with 100K+ IOPS
  • 10g-100g networking

High Availability:

  • Software-Defined Network, Compute, Storage
  • 999% with High-availability N+M Clusters
  • Cost Optimized
  • 30% cost-efficient than AWS, Azure, GCP
  • 50% cost-efficient than an on-premises data center
  • 70% cost-efficient than major private clouds

Multicloud Connectivity:

  • On-Demand connectivity to AWS, Azure, GCP
  • On-Demand connectivity to 300+ carriers

Flexible VM size:

  • Flexible vCPU and RAM sizes
  • No lock-in on VM types
  • Adaptive resizing and optimization


  • 24/7 fully-managed enterprise support
  • 15 min response time
  • Expert escalation
  • Every 30 min reporting until resolution

Data Center in a Box:

  • Deploy G3 in 200+ global data center network
  • Deploy G3 in the customer data center

On-Demand Scalability:

  • On-Demand scaling of cloud resources
  • Scale up or scale down your resources based on your needs

Disaster Recovery:
a) Integrated DR with <1min RPO and 15min RTO
b) Integrated Backup


  • Private cloud with locked-down network security restricted IP access (ACL) and locked down ports

G3 IaaS for Oracle Features:

Our G3 private cloud IaaS for hosting Oracle applications is architected like a public cloud and designed for high scalability, increased agility at lower costs (30% lower than leading cloud providers).

G3 IaaS for Oracle Architecture:

We provide a multi-tenant service to deploy and manage multiple isolated application instances to meet your application data privacy requirements.

Our Architecture is designed to prevent any single point of failure at any point of time for a workload of any size.