What is Private Cloud on VMware?

VMware Private Cloud is a service that allows you to link two or more physical servers into one. Both physical server or node resources are combined into a single pool of resources that can be spread around the virtual machines (VMs) you deploy on your nodes.

Are there different types of Private Clouds?

The private cloud has three different types of services, much like every other hosting solution.

  1. Virtual Private Cloud: A Virtual Private Cloud is an instance of a private cloud residing inside a public cloud that is remotely hosted. This type of private cloud is a bit different from the others because instead of being hosted on-site, it resides in a separate public cloud.

2.Hosted Private Cloud: A Hosted Private Cloud is a type of cloud-hosted on-site by a cloud service provider, most likely in a data center. This cloud type is not shared with other organizations, and the provider of cloud services is the one that maintains the network and takes care of the hardware behind the cloud. The cloud provider also takes care of software updates.

3.Managed Private Cloud: The type of private cloud we are offering is a Managed Private Cloud. Networking, hardware, software, and daily operations of the private cloud are responsible for a Managed Private Cloud hosting provider.

Is VMware Private Cloud right for me?

In today’s hosting world, high availability and on-demand services are something that will hold you ahead of the competition. VMware Private Cloud offers all the necessary tools for your company to host profitable websites and apps for years to come.

What can United Private Cloud do for you?

Organizations embrace United Private Cloud to gain performance benefits, reduced costs, quickly respond to unpredictable demand, and easily overcome data sovereignty along with enforcement requirements globally.

It comes with all the advantages that your cloud computing processes have, including performance, availability, scalability, and increased security. To hit a guaranteed 30 percent lower cost than the leading public clouds, get the controls and security of an enterprise-grade private cloud powered by VMware technologies.