What is OpenStack Private Cloud?

OpenStack is a combination of open-source projects which build and manage private and public clouds using pooled virtual resources. Six of these projects manage the core cloud computing, networking, storage, identity, and image services of cloud computing services, while more than a dozen optional projects can be bundled together to create specific clouds that can be deployed. Therefore, OpenStack is best thought of as a framework instead of as a single homogenous project.

Co-engineered with Linux

The core of a private cloud, such as OpenStack is a stable operating system that offers access to hardware resources, system-wide performance, greater security, and scalability.

Beyond virtualization

Since the first introduction of the “cloud,” both virtualization and private cloud platforms have evolved. Many virtualization products have incorporated features such as self-service and automation that were originally associated with clouds.

Beyond private laaS

A private IaaS cloud such as OpenStack, taken on its own, is a great platform for flexible cloud-native apps that a company can use to set up a far more agile infrastructure than conventional bare metal servers or virtualization offers. It’s more than that, though. It’s also a scalable foundation for a container platform and it’s an important factor in the hybrid cloud strategy of an enterprise, along with hybrid cloud management.

How can United Private Cloud help you?

Create a comprehensive cloud solution that is designed with performance, reliability, and security as the core features and is cost-efficient, trusted, and tested for industry-leading SLA of 99.999% uptime 24x7x365.

Get a self-service solution with features such as customization of the virtual machines, processing servers, networks, middleware, services, data storage, and the ability to run software applications and operating systems flawlessly.