What is Edge Cloud Computing?

An Edge Cloud architecture is used to distribute (processing) power to the network’s edges (clients/devices). Server computing power has traditionally been used to perform tasks such as data minimization or the development of advanced distributed systems. Such “intelligent” tasks are performed by servers in the cloud model to be transferred to devices with less or no computing power.

The advantage of Edge Cloud Computing

Thousands of clients are all connected to perform smaller processing tasks instead of a model where clients simply connect to servers. Millions of IoT devices can form a massive, intelligent network that can perform tasks usually only possible in huge data centers in the ideal Edge Computing landscape.

What does this mean for your network architecture?

You can use distributed networks’ power by processing data on devices and then sending it to the cloud by integrating Edge and Cloud. It can be processed, analyzed, and saved with less or even no processing power here.

How can United Private Cloud help you?

Our Edge Cloud experts will help you extend your networking and security infrastructure’s functionality to include advanced container networking, security, and service chaining capabilities.

Our Edge Cloud comes with integrated security and analytics to keep the whole network safe and reliable. To better understand what else United Private Cloud has in store for you, register today for a free preview.