What is Cloud Server ?

A cloud server is a virtual server located on a physical server. It provides some of the same features as a physical server but can be an alternative that is more cost-effective.

A provider such as United Private Cloud usually hosts cloud servers. Depending on how they are configured, cloud servers may also be referred to as virtual servers, virtual cloud servers, virtual dedicated servers, virtual private servers, or cloud-based servers.

Why use Cloud Servers?

  • Affordable: Usually, you just pay the service provider for the resources of the cloud server you use.
  • Scalable: When your needs change, cloud servers spin up and down quickly, making it easy to scale up your computing power and data storage.
  • Flexible: Using a control panel or a set of APIs, you can generally configure cloud server options.
  • Secure: Your applications and data, independent from the resources of other businesses, will reside in their own virtualized environment.