What is Cloud Database ?

Cloud-based databases allow users, via a cloud portal, to store, manage and retrieve their structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data, accessible through the Internet. Often known as Database as a Service (DBaaS), cloud databases are also offered as a managed service.

Why use cloud databases?

  • Lower IT costs: There’s no need for your organization to invest in, operate, and help one or more data centers. 
  • Automated technologies: A variety of automated processes, such as automatic failover, failure recovery, and auto-scaling, help your database. 
  • Increases accessibility: You can access your cloud-based database from any location, anywhere, as long as you have an Internet connection.
  • IT enterprise: Projects for databases are notoriously challenging. You can improve the database skills of your IT staff with those of a service provider, or rely entirely on the service provider’s staff’s database expertise. 

How United Private Cloud Can Help You with Your Cloud Database Needs?

We offer a fair number of cloud-based database services to businesses like yours. We not only provide fully managed 24x7x365 monitoring and access to always-available database experts, but we optimize every aspect of your cloud-based database’s infrastructure, starting with its network and finishing with optimal performance configuration of the database.