What is Cloud Backup and Recovery ?

Cloud backup is a service in which the information and apps on the servers of an organization are backed up and stored on a remote server. Businesses opt to back up to the cloud in the event of a system failure, outage or natural disaster to keep files and data readily accessible. Business cloud storage works by transferring and saving data from your computer to a server in a different physical location. A business can, depending on its choice, back up any or all server files.

Usually, customers backup and restore their data and apps using a web browser or the control panel of a service provider. For many organizations today, cloud data backup is a requirement because they store most or all of their business-critical information and applications on cloud servers.

Why use Cloud backup?

  • Safeguarding data and apps: They are protected from local weather disruptions and outages by storing sensitive data and applications off-site. 
  • Rapid data recovery: You can easily recover the data backed up by cloud servers, allowing a business to quickly gain access to the desired files or systems. 
  • Reliable disaster recovery: In the event of a disaster, whether natural or manmade, backup cloud services provide users with immediate access to much-needed data and apps.
  • Flexible storage: Cloud-based backups can be easily scaled up or down, unlike conventional backup methods where data is locally stored on a hard drive or tape with limited storage.