What are the Myths of Cloud Computing?

There are still some common myths regarding deploying and operating applications in the cloud, despite the rapid adoption of cloud computing and its positive effect on business.

Discover these top 5 myths and the truth you need for your organization to make an informed decision.

  1. The Cloud runs itself: In the cloud, it is possible to automate anything from the infrastructure layer upwards. But to handle the instruments involved, you’ll also need people with experience and understanding.
  1. The Cloud is less secure: In the cloud, security threats are the same as those that conventional IT solutions face. But in the cloud, the security responsibility is shared between you and your cloud provider.
  1. The Cloud is always cost-efficient: Operating in the public cloud isn’t necessarily cost-efficient, but is much more cost-efficient. For example, if you have many servers running 24x7x365, dedicated servers can give you the same computing power for less.
  1. The Cloud fits every workload: While the public cloud can help any organization, most businesses need a hybrid combination of public, private, and dedicated infrastructure.
  1. Cloud Migration is difficult: Few cleansing and architecture revisions may be needed if you’re running outdated servers. But you can migrate easily, with limited downtime, with the aid of an experienced hosting provider.