Infrastructure for Software Testing

We can assist you to build and support exactly what you need. With us, your infrastructure scalability is just a click away!

Our easy-to-use, high-performance infrastructure serves a variety of software test use cases, is preferred by enterprises, tech giants, and growing startups alike. We have solutions that suit your every need, whether you’re developing applications for a silicon valley unicorn, designing the next communication platform, or providing infrastructure solutions to hundreds of employees.

Software Challenges

Diverse Infrastructure Management

The requirement of multicloud infrastructure, multiple mobile devices (iOS & Android), along with autoscaling and reconfiguration on the fly.

Complex Vendor Management

Different vendors for VM’s, mobile devices, mac minis across multiple third-party management platforms.

High Capital Investment

The high upfront cost for mobile devices, mac minis for managing higher infrastructure and management cost.

Time To Market

Longer deployment cycles and procurement cycles, along with device availability challenges.

Global Scale

On-Demand Scalability of Infrastructure across multiple countries.


Infrastructure management

Provides Worldwide Asset-As-A-Service For One of the Leading Software Test Automation Firm based out of the USA.

Unified Management

Unified monitoring and management platform (UNITY) for all assets with expertise and proven frameworks for Multicloud networking, cybersecurity, and virtualization.

DevOps and CI/CD

Perform Autoscaling, and reconfiguration on the fly.

Networking Security

Leverage extensive expertise and proven frameworks for Multicloud networking, cybersecurity, and virtualization.

TCO Reduction

Reduce your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and save up to 30% or more on your infrastructure estate.

Consultative Approach To Asset As A Service

Provide Asset-As-A-Service For One of the Leading Global Test Automation Company

Customer Expectations

Reduce time to market, auto scale, and reconfigure on the fly. Significantly reduce TCO of infrastructure management and procurement from multiple vendors.

DC consolidation across several devices and multiple platforms to manage different assets available across the globe, e.g., Operating Systems (iOS, Linux windows), browsers (Safari and Chrome), and devices (Android and Apple), etc.

Scope Of Work

United Private Cloud provides IaaS Windows, Linux & Mac OS VM’s, Kubernetes as a Service, Mac Mini and Mac Pro as a Service, and Mobile as a Service.

It is proven to deliver projects within weeks to configure a virtual environment and network for easy access along with security management and end-to-end lifecycle management of the assets.

Solution Enablers

United Private Cloud provides an Infrastructure-as-a-partner facility along with expertise in device management, configuration management, and continuous deployment.

We also offer expertise in Data Center and Infrastructure transformation with a multiple DC presence all across the globe.

We deliver a unified monitoring and management platform called UnityOneCloud for managing everything from bare-metal to serverless configurations.

United Private Cloud has a proven framework for networking, cybersecurity, and virtualization. It is the only provider offering IaaS, Mobile as a Service, Mac as a Service, Colocation, Networking and Security, Infrastructure Monitoring, and Management.

Customer Benefits

United Private Cloud is a one-stop-shop that provides end-to-end solutions right from deployment to execution till execution and delivery.

Delivered notable Capex to Opex advantages along with atleast 30% dollar saving and reduced Time to Market within a week instead of a month.

We also offer asset management across the entire infrastructure estate through a ‘single pane of glass’ called UnityOneCloud.

Creating a marketing plan with United Private Cloud will help you with numerous benefits like global scalability within weeks.

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