Secured, Compliant Healthcare Cloud Services For EHR/EMR

A software-defined G3 private cloud with dedicated hosting, reliable infrastructure, and high security to deploy, manage, and operate all your healthcare cloud services designed for EHR/EMR applications.

With us:

  • Eliminate your IT silos and reduce your IT complexity with cloud computing in healthcare
  • Enable the access of ePHI (Electronic Protected Health Information) & medical records from any authorized device
  • Compliant to HIPAA, GDPR, HITRUST, etc. for infrastructural data storage & disaster recovery of cloud healthcare systems

Why Do Customers Prefer G3 For Cloud-Based Healthcare Systems?

Private cloud adoption is steadily increasing in healthcare, but certain IT threats still remain unsolved. Challenges such as integration of cloud systems in healthcare, un-predicted infrastructural costs, availability, data management, compliance management, privacy, security, and disaster management are a few major healthcare industry challenges. We address these challenges by imparting modern technologies in cloud healthcare solutions  like edge computing, microservices, AI, ML, telemedicine, etc. and hand holds our customers until they deliver right diagnostics and on-time patient care.

Empowering clinical excellence using the power of G3 :

✓ Guaranteed 99.999% availability of N+M clusters
✓ Flexible vCPU, RAM size configurations without vendor lock-in
✓ On-demand connectivity to 300+ carriers
✓ Connectivity to any cloud of your choice via our advanced networking solution UnitedConnect®
✓ Multi-factor Software-Defined Edge Cloud (VMWare, OpenStack, Hyper-V, Kubernetes)
✓ Richest library of security frameworks and solutions with advanced compliance mapping.


Supported EHR Systems

 Compliances & Regulations ​

Our Features


High Availability

Deploy your healthcare solutions (EHR/EMR) on our G3 private cloud with guaranteed availability of 99.999% for N+M clusters and get flexibility to host in your on-prem or across our 200+ global data center networks.

High Performance Compute

Delivers performance compute through enterprise-grade storage providing from 1K- 100K+ IOPS on 10g/40g/100g network fabric infrastructure along with adaptive resizing of VM.

Affordable Cloud Security

Minimize the risk of cyberattacks, DDOS, ransomwares, etc with our cost-effective next generation security solutions including CIS hardening, WLAN segmentation, restricted IPs & ports.

 Resource Management

Eliminate the chaos of overprovisioning or under provisioning of resources with our self-developed scripts to automatically run VMs instances to meet traffic demands. ​

Disaster Recovery

Utmost care and supervision in designing DR strategies to maintain business continuity and meet RPO and RTO requirements for your health care offerings with adhering to global compliances.  

EHR Applications On G3 

Supports all major EHR/EMR based healthcare applications like EPIC, MEDITECH, CENTRICITY, etc. on our dedicated G3 private cloud to virtualize your EHR/EMR footprints effectively.

 Benefits Of Our Cloud Healthcare System Enabled IaaS For EHR-as-a-Service

Achieve clinical excellence, high performance, and scalable workloads with forecasted capex & opex budgets.​

Innovative Offerings

Modern cloud platform with a digital-first approach offers full range of cloud healthcare services from IaaS to SaaS to transform any medical business challenge into a simplified process.

Business Continuity

With 10+ years of expertise in delivering Cloud healthcare solutions, we run your business on our infrastructure compliant with MEDITECH, EPIC, etc. 

Pay Per Use

With us, pay only for what you use and avoid paying additional costs for resources that you do not consume.


85% less unplanned downtime with our global footprint of data centers and a robust interconnectivity solutions to connect your on-premise, private cloud, and public cloud deployments​

Simpler IT

Hardware & software expertise in healthcare cloud computing to make your EHR run smoothly. Most problems are no longer yours because we manage them for you.

Increased Security

Improved infrastructure & patient data security with micro-segmentation of workloads and maintaining industry-best security protocols to identify & remediate ad-hoc vulnerabilities. ​

Scalability & Flexibility

Flexibility to linearly scale performance and storage starting from one node to 100X or even more with complete auto provisioning of VM’s​

Compliance Cloud

Whether you need regional, global, or industry-specific HIPAA compliances, we help you achieve those mandates more effectively as a part of healthcare cloud managed services.

Security Standards For EHR/EMR

Delivering highly secured infrastructure solutions that are aligned to major ‘Healthcare Standards’ laid by HIPAA, HITRUST, SOX, CCPA, GDPR and by EHR/EMR system providers like Epic, Meditech, Mckesson, Greenway, Quantum Quest, etc. 

Security Features

G3 IaaS For EHR

Physical security before data access

Infrastructure facility and security: Access privileges

Infrastructure facility and security: Acesss monitoring

Infrastructure facility and security: Data safeguarding

Logical access controls

Documented controls and policies

Firework dedicated

Compliant network

Preventing breaches

Business associate checklist

Anti-malware capabilities

A Dedicated Private Cloud For EHR Applications

Maximize the potential of your health care records and deliver excellent patient care anytime, anywhere with the power of a software-defined G3 private cloud.