With a sudden surge of employees working remotely, enterprises are getting constrained by the inability to deliver secure enterprise applications to their remote workforce. Employee productivity is getting degraded due to the lack of performance desktops which can work effectively from remote locations. 


UnitedDaaS is a Desktop as a Service solution built on a secure, high performance private cloud, dedicated to your enterprise. UnitedDaaS makes it easy to deliver Windows and Linux remote desktops, which enhance employee productivity by providing your workforce with a high-performance experience while working remotely. Enterprises now have a  scalable governance model to efficiently manage their remote workforce and deliver enterprise apps securely. 



Software-Defined Performance Desktop With 99.999% Availability


User-Defined CPU, Memory and Storage Configurations For Your Applications



UnitedDaaS is Deployed In a Secure Locked Down Virtual Private Data Center


Save 40% With UnitedDaaS 
Compared To The Other Cloud Desktop Solutions