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United Private Cloud’s database management solution enables businesses to reduce data redundancy improve data integrity and security. Our database experts have the expertise, precision and updated know-how in database designing, management, and monitoring.

Global 24/7 coverage across an array of cloud delivery platforms, operating systems, database disciplines, and applications deliver an unmatched database management services you can rely on.


Unbiased Expertise

Depend on the pool of our expert database administrators to deliver the best strategy and solutions to improve the efficiency and increase the performance of your database.

Any Platform

Our services caters to databases deployed in your datacenter and leading public clouds: AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform or any third-party private cloud.

Proven Results

Benefit from our 18+ years of experience in delivering success to businesses of any size.

United Private Cloud Database Management Service

Architecture Design


Our database architecture designs enable your database to perform optimally by ensuring data integrity and accuracy.

We help you create and customize your databases by analyzing your business requirements, determining data relationships and logically structuring the data.
We also ensure your database is structurally correct and optimized by applying various normalization rules.

Administration & Monitoring


Our database administrators provide 24/7 support in managing and monitoring your database application. We help Businesses in database access administration, database tuning, query automation, software updates and security management.

We implement, configure and provide 24/7 support to all the 3rd party database monitoring solutions. We provide regular alerts on any issues via email, SMS, voice calls or through the organization’s ticketing system.

Upgrade and Migration

We assist upgrade to new releases of Database Management System (DBMS) with the help of specialized scripts and tools. We also help businesses to automate many steps of the upgrade process.

We facilitate database migration to leading public clouds such as AWS or Azure.

Back-up and Recovery

We ensure complete data protection through scheduled backups as per your business requirements. We support both the physical and logical backups. In case of a data loss, we provide the point in time recovery with zero data loss.


United Private Cloud’s database consulting services will help you to create a more effective, lean and reliable database environment which will lead to a more efficient enterprise technology setup. Be it reliable connectivity management or foundational system architecture, our consulting services will help you to maintain your database to perform optimally. We support SQL databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle Our consulting engagement includes: Database architecture design and implementation Database administration and monitoring Database upgrade and migration Database back-up and recovery