Eliminate IT And Business Management Hassles With The Right Cloud Strategy!

Eliminate IT And Business Management Hassles With The Right Cloud Strategy!

Cloud computing has gone from being the new kid on the block to being the seasoned expert that has revamped current IT and business strategies. From being a tool that aided digital businesses, cloud computing now helps organizations enhance their applications across the board. Cloud computing is a necessity; indeed, it is so commonplace that businesses of all sizes are adopting a cloud-first or a cloud-only approach. Gartner estimates that less than one-third of enterprises have a documented cloud strategy, which shows the extent to which such a powerful tool is being underutilized. Cloud computing helps organizations heavily reduce their capital expenditure, but it also reduces management, monitoring, and governance efforts. It is the one-stop solution for companies to simplify their ever-growing overcomplicated IT.

Cloud providers help you simplify your IT resources and ensure that you have cloud experts expediting deployment, operations, and troubleshooting. It means that your data is as secure as possible, especially with a private cloud deployment. Besides the cost savings on hosting your IT on the cloud, it eliminates the hassles associated with scaling the data center as your business grows. Data is much more mobile with the cloud that optimizes collaboration like never before. Contingency plans need to be put in place for eventualities that can disrupt the business and the workplace, as cloud computing offers a robust Business Continuity plan—the extent of observability and monitoring that cloud offers organizations is a competitive advantage like no other.

Gartner states that through 2024, 80% of companies that do not adequately operate and utilize their cloud resources will overspend by 20 to 50%. Implementing a cloud strategy requires organizations to effectively utilize their resources by clearly demarcating the resources as per the requirements of the applications and business departments. Organizations can follow some best practices that use their cloud resources effectively. Organizations need to align the priorities of cloud adoption effectively. A standard guideline ensures that any misaligned objectives can prevent delays in any deployment, hinders the scaling of cloud resources effectively. The lesson that most organizations need to learn is this: what makes cloud the right solution for your company is the way you adapt to it. 

Several strategies can help companies test the waters, a cloud-first or a cloud-only strategy needs to be assessed and tested; it makes a world of difference in the way that your business can adapt to it. When it comes to cloud computing, there is only one key differentiator: Strategy. Identifying the right candidate workloads for testing or deployment is often the first step that most organizations consider. While it is vital to ensure that companies pick the right cloud service provider, it is essential to understand that cloud is not just a technical tool, it aids management directly and should be assessed as such. The business value of your cloud workloads, figure out which of your workloads are ready for the cloud. It saves more time and money in migration and reduces additional efforts on behalf of companies. You can have one size that kind of fits all or a customized approach that solves all your IT hassles. There is only one way to achieve this; you guessed it. Strategy.

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Seamless Cloud Migration with United Private Cloud

Seamless Cloud Migration with United Private Cloud

In today’s world, one can confidently conclude that enterprise computing’s future lies in the cloud. Cloud offers much-needed mobility for IT operations, thus cutting hardware and development expenses. The innovation brought together by the public cloud providers in terms of serverless computing, low-cost storage, flexible billing models, scalability, elasticity, enterprise-grade security, and a range of purpose-designed services has pushed many companies around the world to rethink their IT environment so that they can utilize the cloud to accelerate and maintain their digital transformation.

Migrating to cloud destinations brings with it a multitude of challenges that enable you to learn about service providers and how they vary. Organizations find it challenging to develop skills and expertise to switch to only one platform, resulting in the need to replace or eliminate certain team members and upgrade the current staff with cloud skills that can be expensive and disruptive. It is no wonder that the thought of doing so can be overwhelming across several private cloud platforms.

Cloud migration services offered by United Private Cloud can seamlessly migrate your applications, data, and infrastructure to the cloud. Our experts can help you build your migration strategy, evaluate your portfolio of applications, review your cost structure, and identify the best cloud platform for your needs.

United Private Cloud’s G3 IaaS Private Cloud Platform is its 3rd generation private cloud solution, developed, hardened, and perfected over a period of 15 years while serving many hundreds of enterprises and governments across the globe. G3 IaaS delivers high performance, 99.999% availability, locked-down security, and software-defined agility and scalability while delivering greater than 30% cost savings versus leading public clouds and greater than 70% cost savings versus other leading private clouds.

The process of cloud migration is divided into three phases – the pre-migration planning, execution, and testing phases. We evaluate your current IT infrastructure and determine which applications to migrate. Customized migration solutions are provided based on customer requirements, ensuring minimal interruption of business operations for customers. The migration architecture and data need to be migrated after determination, executing the migration process to the cloud, and ensuring minimal disruption to normal operations. We also provide post-migration support with real-time monitoring of application performance in the new environment, access data security to ensure it meets all regulatory requirements, and update OS drivers to match the new environment.

Organizations should look to monitoring performance not as a post-migration afterthought but as an integral part of their digital transformation and cloud journey. Monitoring should be incorporated into benchmarking KPIs at every step of the way, track user experience, understand performance deviations, forecast capability requirements, and ensure a seamless transition and benefit from actionable insight for scaling and cloud expansion.

With our systematic account management paradigm, we perform continuous operational tuning and weekly follow-up with the customers to ensure that they optimize and use the solution’s full potential. It’s a consultative approach and a continuous process of serving our customers better. 

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The Right Private Cloud Solution

The Right Private Cloud Solution

Enhance your cloud computing capabilities with United Private Cloud

Organizations are increasingly turning to private clouds for their data needs. Cloud computing helps organizations optimize their applications and processes to generate the best value from their IT investments. Cloud adoption is perceived to be very complex and challenging for most organizations. In a survey conducted by Statista, around 83% of respondents cited cloud security as a significant challenge. Security concerns are justified with increasing frequency and potency of cyber attacks, especially with leading public clouds and prominent companies being the prime target of hackers. There are several other challenges that public clouds face, such as managing governance and a lack of resources and expertise. Public clouds cannot afford to customize governance and expertise for every company. And as such private clouds are a far more viable option.

Private clouds help organizations of all sizes take advantage of customized governance and monitoring mechanisms. Companies are facing dynamic and unpredictable computing needs as they rapidly expand and globalize. A private cloud solution offers organizations the ability to meet security, governance, and compliance needs without having to manage the hardware themselves personally. 

United Private Cloud offers all the powerful benefits of cloud computing while also providing greater control and the enhanced security of an enterprise-grade private cloud. VMware technologies power our software-defined private cloud, the United Private Cloud private cloud solution comes with a guaranteed 30% lower cost than the leading public clouds. Gain performance advantages at much lower costs while rapidly responding to the unpredictable demands of business with United Private Cloud. Resolve your data sovereignty and compliance requirements with the G3 software-defined cloud by United Private Cloud.

United Private Cloud helps organizations simplify the migration to a highly agile software-defined private cloud. We provide a high performance compute through all-flash storage with 100K+ IOPS and 10g-100g networking. The performance parameters help organizations take full advantage of their cloud resources and enhance their applications. Organizations are required to be available consistently to cater to the growing demands of your business. Unscheduled downtimes can impact the bottom line and company reputation adversely. United Private Cloud guarantees a 99.999% availability of N+M clusters compared to the standard SLA of 99.99% provided by leading public clouds. A downtime of a few minutes can translate to huge losses. We provide 24/7/365 days fully managed enterprise support service with a 15 minute response time and the expert escalation of requests every 30 min of reporting until the request gets resolved. 

We provide a cost-optimized managed cloud service that is 30% cost-efficient than AWS, Azure, and GCP; it is 50% cost-efficient than an on-prem data center. Deploy large and complex workloads efficiently with our on-demand connectivity options to 300+ carriers. We allow you to deploy your data center in your own on-prem or 200+ global data center networks. Our integrated Disaster Recovery (DR) service with <1min RPO and 15min RTO help organizations deal with disaster outcomes and assist Business Continuity planning. We provide a highly secure private cloud with locked-down network security, restricted IP access, Zero trust security, and locked down ports. In this ever-evolving technological landscape, it’s time to go private. 

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Managed Services Offered By United Private Cloud

Managed Services Offered By United Private Cloud

According to a recent Right Scale survey – 93 percent of businesses use cloud technology in some form or other. Cloud computing has advantages for many types of organizations, but migrating your business to the cloud is easier said than done to ultimately profit from a step into the cloud. A range of critical decisions needs to be taken by organizations. Next, you have to determine what type of cloud system best suits the needs of your business. Although some well-known companies are hyperscale public cloud providers, a private cloud is a more suitable option for many organizations.

Gartner defines a ‘Private’ cloud as a form of cloud computing used by only one organization or ensures that an organization is completely isolated from others. A private cloud provides the benefits of flexibility, cost savings, security, and control. These benefits are especially valuable to businesses with predictable workloads or requirements for customization and companies in regulated industries.

Once an organization’s cloud needs and priorities are determined, it can determine whether the private cloud is the right kind of IT environment. The private cloud would be the only viable choice for specific organizations to ensure regulatory compliance, while the viability could be different for other organizations. An enterprise will assess its flexibility, compliance, security, and cost criteria to decide whether it will benefit from deploying a private cloud. It should also consider the applications it uses, what environment and its capabilities are suitable for them, and the kinds of services it offers. A professional service provider that provides hosting private cloud solutions can assist with these evaluations and provide organizational-specific recommendations.

United Private Cloud is the private cloud offered by UnitedLayer to suit your cloud needs to the fullest while you can focus solely on your business. We provide you with a fully managed infrastructure and database service for business of any size and on any platform, thus allowing for OS and Hypervisor patching. We manage containers and mesh services using k8s, OpenShift, GKE, and AKS with a fully managed mesh services setup using Istio, Anthos, AppMesh. Security is one of the major concerns while shifting to clouds. Our United Private Cloud proactively identifies, responds, and mitigates any security threats against your IT infrastructure. We deliver fully managed security solutions that protect your infrastructure and data through industry-leading Firewalls, DDoS, VPN, SSL/TLS, VLAN segmentation, blocked IP, and ports. We provide a fully managed audit-ready risk analysis and compliance management service to ensure compliance with industry governance and compliance standards (HIPAA, GDPR, PCI, NIST, etc.).

United Private Cloud allows you to assess and discover your data center and cloud infra/application and migrate data/applications across data centers and clouds seamlessly. To serve critical business needs, we enable you to link your G3 Private cloud environment to your public cloud choice using UnitedConnect. It also helps you reduce your network deployment and setup costs, amplifies bandwidth throughput, and provides a more consistent network experience. We offer a fully managed service that helps you design, implement, and security testing of your software-defined data centers and private clouds. Lastly, we apply a CI/CD pipeline and perform DevOps automation using Terraform, Chef, Ansible, and Puppet for infrastructure and application deployment.

United Private Cloud comes with all the benefits of cloud computing and an enterprise-grade private cloud with greater controls and security. With N+M Clusters, we guarantee 99.999 percent availability to reduce downtime. Our United Private Cloud private cloud, powered by VMware technologies, has a guaranteed 30 % lower cost than leading public clouds. United Private Cloud helps organizations to achieve performance advantages, minimize costs, adapt rapidly to unpredictable demand, and solve data sovereignty and enforcement requirements with ease. 

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Organizational Collaboration During COVID 19: Ushering In A Flexible Workplace

Organizational Collaboration During COVID 19: Ushering In A Flexible Workplace

The Covid-19 pandemic has kept most of the world’s workforce from corporate offices and into their homes. Companies are addressing the uncertainties created by this pandemic by adapting to a new form and flow of collaboration. Time calls it “the world’s largest work-from-home experiment.” Trying to scale infrastructure to manage a larger workforce at short notice with WFH capabilities is an experiment indeed. The shift or need for remote work is not a recent phenomenon; teleworking has grown 173% since 2005. In 2014, Harvard Business Review conducted a research study where they assessed the impact of a Work From Home structure for Ctrip, a travel website. It was clear even then that work from home was improving productivity. The study showed that employee attrition decreased significantly, and the cost per employee was reduced. This situation is a wake-up call for organizations to adapt to the changes in the way employees collaborate for good.

There is no doubt that work from home is a social equalizer. It has created opportunities for disadvantaged communities, minority groups, and professionals from different countries to work in their fields of interest. An IDC study found that the percentage of full-time remote information workers in the US increased from 8% to 69%. While the implementation of work from home is forced, it is the pillar on which a ravaged economy is surviving. Work from home is a necessity and not an option, or a temporary provision for high-level managers. It allows professionals to balance their commitments remotely, and it is a trend that is here to stay. Virtual desktops are the future and can create value, even when the Covid-19 situation gets better. A survey conducted by EY, 72% of the 100 Human resource heads of companies across different sectors, recognizes the impact of COVID- 19 on their companies for another six months. 

The technology sector offerings in terms of cloud computing and remote desktops have helped companies sustain in these troubled times. Desktop as a Service has emerged as the savior with companies going the extra mile to help organizations use their services, with maximum support, and at reduced costs. At United Private Cloud, the remote working experience has been very positive. Since the advent of the COVID pandemic, all employees have worked remotely. Despite having offices in different locations and employees across the world, the transition was eased by employing the Desktop as a Service solution. Communication across various departments is just as smooth, if not better than before. Team meetings and collaborations have become more flexible and enhanced collaboration.

In this digital world, this is the time to capitalize on what we do best, and that is to work in tandem with new technology. Companies are exploring ways to digitize some or all work through advances in robotics, IoT, cloud, and other technologies. While automation boosts efficiency, human efforts are focused on innovation, creativity, and problem-solving. The time is here to capitalize on the need for remote desktop platforms to facilitate productive work from home options. Desktop as a Service solution will foster an inclusive, empathetic workplace that exceeds productivity benchmarks of the traditional workplace. 

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