Edge Cloud: Transcending Geographical Boundaries

Edge Cloud: Transcending Geographical Boundaries

Cloud computing in the past has been so limited by centralization that it has compromised speed and availability to its users. Data was required to be gathered from the outermost regions and sent back to the central servers to be processed. Devices at the outermost edges lacked the computation power to process large amounts of data or even store it, which was the basis for the centralized server. However, this has radically changed in the last couple of years. As more devices are connecting to networks that can help transmit data speedily via cellular or WiFi networks. So what was the hurdle in speeding up endpoints? The answer is the essential component: Hardware.

What does Edge computing bring to the table?

In the last ten years, devices have miniaturized processing and storage technology, slowly eliminating the problem of storing and computing edge data. IoT devices have become so powerful that they are a self-sustained computation unit. Edge computing helps consumers then perform analytics and apply data right where it is gathered, at the network edge. It opens up so many avenues. Specifically, it addressed the real-time application of collected data to its intended users. Reducing latency as data does not have to travel back to a central server, enhancing performance like never before. 

United Private Cloud is here to help you take full advantage of the exciting implications of Edge Computing. UnitedEdge is a Fully Managed Edge Cloud Service that enables you to connect to your private cloud and becomes a seamless extension to your on-prem private cloud. UnitedEdge can seamlessly integrate your leading public cloud solutions like Amazon, Azure, Google. The hybrid cloud configurations that UnitedEdge executes are comparable to those provided by Google Anthos and Amazon Outpost. We provide a Software as a Service Solution (SaaS) that works on Low-Cost Commodity Hardware and delivers both High-Performance Virtual Machines and Containers as a Service. 

UnitedEdge delivers 99.999% availability enhancing performance like never before, only requiring that the customer’s data center infrastructure (power and cooling) is redundant. UnitedEdge is pre-configured with SD-WAN Optimized High Availability Network and multicloud connectivity with leading cloud providers such as AWS, Google, and Azure and comes along with remote management and 24×7 enterprise-grade support. Managed services and optimized performance to help your company exceed performance benchmarks and grow like never before.

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Managed Services Offered By United Private Cloud

Managed Services Offered By United Private Cloud

According to a recent Right Scale survey – 93 percent of businesses use cloud technology in some form or other. Cloud computing has advantages for many types of organizations, but migrating your business to the cloud is easier said than done to ultimately profit from a step into the cloud. A range of critical decisions needs to be taken by organizations. Next, you have to determine what type of cloud system best suits the needs of your business. Although some well-known companies are hyperscale public cloud providers, a private cloud is a more suitable option for many organizations.

Gartner defines a ‘Private’ cloud as a form of cloud computing used by only one organization or ensures that an organization is completely isolated from others. A private cloud provides the benefits of flexibility, cost savings, security, and control. These benefits are especially valuable to businesses with predictable workloads or requirements for customization and companies in regulated industries.

Once an organization’s cloud needs and priorities are determined, it can determine whether the private cloud is the right kind of IT environment. The private cloud would be the only viable choice for specific organizations to ensure regulatory compliance, while the viability could be different for other organizations. An enterprise will assess its flexibility, compliance, security, and cost criteria to decide whether it will benefit from deploying a private cloud. It should also consider the applications it uses, what environment and its capabilities are suitable for them, and the kinds of services it offers. A professional service provider that provides hosting private cloud solutions can assist with these evaluations and provide organizational-specific recommendations.

United Private Cloud is the private cloud offered by UnitedLayer to suit your cloud needs to the fullest while you can focus solely on your business. We provide you with a fully managed infrastructure and database service for business of any size and on any platform, thus allowing for OS and Hypervisor patching. We manage containers and mesh services using k8s, OpenShift, GKE, and AKS with a fully managed mesh services setup using Istio, Anthos, AppMesh. Security is one of the major concerns while shifting to clouds. Our United Private Cloud proactively identifies, responds, and mitigates any security threats against your IT infrastructure. We deliver fully managed security solutions that protect your infrastructure and data through industry-leading Firewalls, DDoS, VPN, SSL/TLS, VLAN segmentation, blocked IP, and ports. We provide a fully managed audit-ready risk analysis and compliance management service to ensure compliance with industry governance and compliance standards (HIPAA, GDPR, PCI, NIST, etc.).

United Private Cloud allows you to assess and discover your data center and cloud infra/application and migrate data/applications across data centers and clouds seamlessly. To serve critical business needs, we enable you to link your G3 Private cloud environment to your public cloud choice using UnitedConnect. It also helps you reduce your network deployment and setup costs, amplifies bandwidth throughput, and provides a more consistent network experience. We offer a fully managed service that helps you design, implement, and security testing of your software-defined data centers and private clouds. Lastly, we apply a CI/CD pipeline and perform DevOps automation using Terraform, Chef, Ansible, and Puppet for infrastructure and application deployment.

United Private Cloud comes with all the benefits of cloud computing and an enterprise-grade private cloud with greater controls and security. With N+M Clusters, we guarantee 99.999 percent availability to reduce downtime. Our United Private Cloud private cloud, powered by VMware technologies, has a guaranteed 30 % lower cost than leading public clouds. United Private Cloud helps organizations to achieve performance advantages, minimize costs, adapt rapidly to unpredictable demand, and solve data sovereignty and enforcement requirements with ease. 

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