Why Choose Private Cloud?

Why Choose Private Cloud?

All clouds become private clouds whenever a single customer with fully isolated access is committed to the underlying IT infrastructure.

For a single company, a private cloud is a storage environment with public cloud advantages but housed in the data center of a company or through a third-party provider. Private clouds are recognized for their efficiency, security, and expandability and are therefore often the option of choice for enterprise workload infrastructure. Private clouds provide individualized clients with fully separate databases, software instances, and supporting infrastructure.

At present, and we are experiencing an age in which digital transformation is not an option anymore, but central to business processes. The so-called ‘new normal’ is beginning to take shape, and it seems like several organizations are starting to embrace cloud-based technologies to promote flexible and remote work, if possible. 

While robust antivirus and firewall security are needed in every cloud environment, private cloud solutions give decision-makers an enhanced sense of security. Critical information is kept safe and protected by using hardware specifically dedicated to the organization’s needs. This is achievable through what is called a single-tenant cloud architecture by the industry. Think of residents as corporations. But they’re searching for hardware to house their data in this situation.

For a private cloud environment, cloud access is even more protected since it is accessed through private and secure network links. Besides, private clouds have a fixed billing model instead of a prepaid method, which essentially helps organizations to plan growth and budget more accurately.

We have a completely operated business support service for 24/7/365 with 15 min time for response together with expert escalation every half an hour. With 99.999% high availability N+M clusters, United Private Cloud has a computing, software-defined network, and storage services. Our great sense of customer project recognition means that we are continually working to provide solutions. This sense of identity also implies that we respect and facilitate smooth communication with the teams of our customers and guarantee that the best value is received.

Companies are opting for United Private Cloud to receive gains in performances, cost reduction, adapt quickly to unforeseen contingencies, and overcome data sovereignty effectively along with worldwide enforcement requirements. To have a better understanding of what else United Private Cloud has in store for you, register today for a free preview.

IaaS: An Agile Approach to Cloud Computing

IaaS: An Agile Approach to Cloud Computing

Business owners usually have to spend a lot of time, money, and energy making technology-related decisions and recruiting staff to manage and maintain their IT infrastructure. By opting for a service-based IaaS model, business organizations can concentrate their time and resources on where they are required. Like all cloud computing services, IaaS provides users access to computing resources in a virtualized environment. This is done through a public connection, usually through the internet. IaaS provides the users the access to the virtualized environment for establishing their own IT platforms.

IaaS provides resources that mainly belong to virtualized hardware, also known as the computing infrastructure. The IaaS environment offerings include network connections, virtual server space, load balancers, and IP addresses. In physical terms, the cloud service provider extracts the pool of hardware resources from a group of servers and networks that are usually spread across various data centers. The cloud service provider is responsible for managing all the resources.

Transform your SAP landscape with enhanced availability, performance, and security. We help enterprises enhance performance by taking away the responsibility of managing data centers to support their SAP investments through a high-performance software-defined cloud solution at the most cost-effective price points. Fast-track your cloud adoption, control costs, minimize risk, and take the burden off your IT team by moving your SAP workloads to G3 private cloud, a highly secure enterprise-grade private cloud. Our customers run their mission-critical SAP workloads on a highly available and resilient private cloud environment that comes with 99.999% uptime SLA. Customers experience fully managed 24×7 support with a 15-min response time SLA along with our fully managed backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity processes in place.

To reinvent your enterprise, make it agile and connected to prevail the digital economy, we offer a comprehensive set of integrated, subscription-based compute, storage, and networking services that enable businesses to run their Oracle enterprise workloads in a highly secure and resilient private cloud environment that comes with a 99.999% uptime SLA.

Our G3 private cloud IaaS for hosting Oracle applications is architected like a public cloud and designed for high scalability, increased agility at lower costs (30% lower than leading cloud providers).

Visit our website at www.unitedprivatecloud.com for more information on how IaaS can assist a lean and agile IT structure!