The Right Private Cloud Solution

The Right Private Cloud Solution

Enhance your cloud computing capabilities with United Private Cloud

Organizations are increasingly turning to private clouds for their data needs. Cloud computing helps organizations optimize their applications and processes to generate the best value from their IT investments. Cloud adoption is perceived to be very complex and challenging for most organizations. In a survey conducted by Statista, around 83% of respondents cited cloud security as a significant challenge. Security concerns are justified with increasing frequency and potency of cyber attacks, especially with leading public clouds and prominent companies being the prime target of hackers. There are several other challenges that public clouds face, such as managing governance and a lack of resources and expertise. Public clouds cannot afford to customize governance and expertise for every company. And as such private clouds are a far more viable option.

Private clouds help organizations of all sizes take advantage of customized governance and monitoring mechanisms. Companies are facing dynamic and unpredictable computing needs as they rapidly expand and globalize. A private cloud solution offers organizations the ability to meet security, governance, and compliance needs without having to manage the hardware themselves personally. 

United Private Cloud offers all the powerful benefits of cloud computing while also providing greater control and the enhanced security of an enterprise-grade private cloud. VMware technologies power our software-defined private cloud, the United Private Cloud private cloud solution comes with a guaranteed 30% lower cost than the leading public clouds. Gain performance advantages at much lower costs while rapidly responding to the unpredictable demands of business with United Private Cloud. Resolve your data sovereignty and compliance requirements with the G3 software-defined cloud by United Private Cloud.

United Private Cloud helps organizations simplify the migration to a highly agile software-defined private cloud. We provide a high performance compute through all-flash storage with 100K+ IOPS and 10g-100g networking. The performance parameters help organizations take full advantage of their cloud resources and enhance their applications. Organizations are required to be available consistently to cater to the growing demands of your business. Unscheduled downtimes can impact the bottom line and company reputation adversely. United Private Cloud guarantees a 99.999% availability of N+M clusters compared to the standard SLA of 99.99% provided by leading public clouds. A downtime of a few minutes can translate to huge losses. We provide 24/7/365 days fully managed enterprise support service with a 15 minute response time and the expert escalation of requests every 30 min of reporting until the request gets resolved. 

We provide a cost-optimized managed cloud service that is 30% cost-efficient than AWS, Azure, and GCP; it is 50% cost-efficient than an on-prem data center. Deploy large and complex workloads efficiently with our on-demand connectivity options to 300+ carriers. We allow you to deploy your data center in your own on-prem or 200+ global data center networks. Our integrated Disaster Recovery (DR) service with <1min RPO and 15min RTO help organizations deal with disaster outcomes and assist Business Continuity planning. We provide a highly secure private cloud with locked-down network security, restricted IP access, Zero trust security, and locked down ports. In this ever-evolving technological landscape, it’s time to go private. 

Visit the United Private Cloud website today, for a high-performance, high availability private cloud solution for all your business needs.