Companies are continually looking for ways to optimize data storage, analysis, and utilization. Organizational data need to be protected at all costs; data-dependent applications are increasingly vulnerable to Cyberattacks and impacts of outages. With data outages and attacks on leading public clouds rising, the focus has shifted to the impact of systems being unable to cater to organizations’ security concerns. Enhanced security and customized management make it all the more lucrative to go private. United Private Cloud comes with all the benefits of cloud computing and with greater control and security of an enterprise-grade private cloud. Our G3 private cloud can be tailored to suit your organization’s requirements fulfilled by the three variants of our G3 private cloud.

G3 private cloud powered by VMware provides you a fully managed, single-tenant, dedicated VMware private cloud in your choice of global data centers, including your own and allows you to address data sovereignty requirements. While locating cloud resources closer to your office — which can drastically improve performance and customer satisfaction. This version comes with the benefits of enhanced performance, availability, scalability, and security of your cloud computing processes. Get the controls and security of an enterprise-grade private cloud powered by VMware technologies to achieve a guaranteed 30% lower cost than the leading public clouds.

G3 private cloud delivers OpenStack Private Cloud as a Service, architected like a public cloud, and designed for scale and service availability to any data center in the world. It includes a 99.999% API Uptime SLA and can save customers revenue by up to 30%. Increase agility at lower costs while avoiding vendor lock-in through G3 private cloud powered by OpenStack. Get a world-class private cloud for your business with hosted, on-premises, and hybrid flexible deployment models. Get a self-service solution with features such as customization of the virtual machines, processing servers, networks, middleware, services, data storage, and the ability to run software applications and operating systems flawlessly.

G3 private cloud powered by Hyper-V is a simple and easy-to-deploy private cloud solution that can be flexibly expanded when required. It integrates and manages your environments with tools and services designed for hybrid cloud with a high level of security through Hosted Guardian Service and single tenancy management as compared to public cloud environments.G3 private cloud with Hyper-V provides consistent application development, holistic security, robust intelligent edge portfolio, and ecosystem at very competitive pricing. Experience the public cloud flexibility in the on-premises environment near to you with an extra layer of encryption and administration and fully managed support 24×7 with a 15-minute response time SLA included.

United Private Cloud enables organizations to gain performance advantages, lower costs, rapidly respond to the unpredictable demand, and quickly solve data sovereignty and compliance requirements.

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