Life at United Private Cloud: Employee Benefits

At United Private Cloud we believe that our employees are the most important component in our success in the cloud space. Over the years, we have carefully fostered an engaging, highly communicative workplace environment. We believe in highlighting the dedicated work put in by our employees to encourage a highly agile working environment. A survey by SHRM on Employee Job Satisfaction and Engagement Report in 2017 rightly highlighted that employees are “very satisfied” if advancement opportunities are available to them in their current organizations. With an abundance of advancement opportunities and team building activities, you’ll never experience a dull moment at United Private Cloud!

With the new normal created by the pandemic, the main concern is not about where we work, but how we work. Keeping the safety and wellness of our employees is our number one priority. We have introduced several work from home policies to ensure that employees have the right resources, tools, and equipment to serve our clients.

Sharpen your skills by working on live projects and industry interactions provided by United Private Cloud from your day of joining. Convert your theoretical knowledge into practical wisdom with your hands-on live project experience. United Private Cloud promotes a healthy work environment based on positive interactions with your co-workers and peers. Regular team outings are promoted for all our employees to engage in team-building, recreational and fun activities.

We have our employees’ backs at all times, in good times and bad. United Private Cloud provides health insurance to full-time employees under the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act (PPACA). We have purchased an additional COVID 19 health insurance coverage to assist our United Private Cloud family, which provides coverage for our employees, their spouse, and dependent children to cover certain medical costs related to the Coronavirus. We will be extending an allowance to our team in India to cover their internet expenses during this work from the home period.

We nominate employees from various departments for several categories that recognize their excellence in categories such as New Kid on the Block, Leadership in Making, Rockstar Award, etc. The employees who demonstrate commendable work in serving our clients and for the organization within a short time are given these awards, to motivate them to continue their stellar performance. We provide lucrative sales incentives above industry standards.

United Private Cloud also provides several onshore opportunities under the international travel policy category, where the company bears all the expenses of the employee working on a particular project. We have a shift allowance policy that enables our employees to work in the shift of their preference as per business requirements, securely within office premises. We have framed special security policies for our female employees who work in the night shifts.

We aspire to ensure that as an organization, we prioritize the wellbeing of all our employees. Our precise functioning policies for sexual harassment and authority figures keeps track of any non-permissible actions of our employees. Harassment and workplace violence are strictly prohibited, and such cases are directly handled by management, and swift action is taken in case of any default. We care about our employees’ wellbeing and help them through a tough work situation.

We provide a “Gift Cheque” on the occasion of an employees’ marriage or that of their children. We have various plans for our employees to ensure that we function as a team, whether in celebrating or bereavement. The holiday calendars in our company vary under different regions like the U.S, Canada, and India.

The United Private Cloud management makes sure that employees are paid fairly for the extra work and efforts they put in while working overtime. We put in consistent efforts to ensure that our team can have a healthy work-life balance and manage their personal and professional lives.

Join United Private Cloud’s team of professionals and get a chance to grow in a supportive environment that helps you enhance your skills and challenges and motivates you to be the best in your field.

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