Cloud computing in the past has been so limited by centralization that it has compromised speed and availability to its users. Data was required to be gathered from the outermost regions and sent back to the central servers to be processed. Devices at the outermost edges lacked the computation power to process large amounts of data or even store it, which was the basis for the centralized server. However, this has radically changed in the last couple of years. As more devices are connecting to networks that can help transmit data speedily via cellular or WiFi networks. So what was the hurdle in speeding up endpoints? The answer is the essential component: Hardware.

What does Edge computing bring to the table?

In the last ten years, devices have miniaturized processing and storage technology, slowly eliminating the problem of storing and computing edge data. IoT devices have become so powerful that they are a self-sustained computation unit. Edge computing helps consumers then perform analytics and apply data right where it is gathered, at the network edge. It opens up so many avenues. Specifically, it addressed the real-time application of collected data to its intended users. Reducing latency as data does not have to travel back to a central server, enhancing performance like never before. 

United Private Cloud is here to help you take full advantage of the exciting implications of Edge Computing. UnitedEdge is a Fully Managed Edge Cloud Service that enables you to connect to your private cloud and becomes a seamless extension to your on-prem private cloud. UnitedEdge can seamlessly integrate your leading public cloud solutions like Amazon, Azure, Google. The hybrid cloud configurations that UnitedEdge executes are comparable to those provided by Google Anthos and Amazon Outpost. We provide a Software as a Service Solution (SaaS) that works on Low-Cost Commodity Hardware and delivers both High-Performance Virtual Machines and Containers as a Service. 

UnitedEdge delivers 99.999% availability enhancing performance like never before, only requiring that the customer’s data center infrastructure (power and cooling) is redundant. UnitedEdge is pre-configured with SD-WAN Optimized High Availability Network and multicloud connectivity with leading cloud providers such as AWS, Google, and Azure and comes along with remote management and 24×7 enterprise-grade support. Managed services and optimized performance to help your company exceed performance benchmarks and grow like never before.

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