Advantages of Cloud Computing ?

There are many benefits to cloud server hosting, some of which will differ depending on the size and type of organization you are managing, the industry in which you work, and where you are developing your enterprise.

The cloud can provide an important differentiating factor for start-up businesses. With low up-front costs, it empowers everyone with an idea to get their company up and to run quickly.

The cloud allows small to medium-sized companies with limited capital to take advantage of industry-leading computing, storage, and networking technologies that can scale on-demand as their company expands.

Consider these added benefits of cloud computing to make a more informed decision about whether the cloud will support your business:

  • Control Costs: Without the capital cost of operating and maintaining your hardware, the cloud allows you to harness the strength and performance of enterprise-grade IT infrastructure. It can also help you manage expenses through its pay-as-you-go model.
  • Improve Security: Security is a shared responsibility in a cloud environment. To mitigate the risk of a breach, the cloud storage company builds on resilience and security at the infrastructure level and can help you address compliance requirements.
  • Prepare for growth: The cloud provides a flexible way for companies to meet unpredictable demand more cost-effectively and expected growth. It can also be used to deliver new services and improve the time-to-market as a platform.
  • Focus on innovation: The cloud allows you, rather than your IT, to concentrate on running your business. Use your capital to develop and deliver innovative applications and services that will drive market outcomes and separate you from the competition.

How can UnitedLayer help?

The cloud is not always the best option for everyone, considering all of these benefits. The difficulty and cost of transitioning an application to the cloud can often outweigh the potential advantages.

For instance, changing legacy applications to be cloud-ready can not be cost-effective if the organization depends on applications built to run on dedicated servers, such as enterprise resource planning or business intelligence apps. Similarly, if your organization has strict security requirements or has to comply with regulatory requirements, a dedicated server environment’s improved security could be a safer option for hosting your mission-critical applications.

A flexible hybrid or multi-cloud configuration that allows you to link a dedicated hosting environment to one or more clouds may be the answer in some cases. Contact us to learn more about our flexible managed hosting options and how to build a solution that is best suited to your company. We’re available, 24x7x365, to help you excel.